Everyone has their own inclinations when it is the question of creating a personal style or curating individual fashion looks. One trend that has accustomed in the recent past is the natty casual look. Regardless if you are getting ready for a midday meal, an engagement party, reunification of family, or family celebrations- there are frequent occasions where the casual look is an effortless jack-of-all trades. To complete the casual look while still supporting those comfy loafers or pants is how you accessorize it. 

Picking up the right accessories to dress up your casual look highlights the part of your own signature style, enabling you to be noticeable and exclusive. Well you don’t have to bust the bank! These statement pieces could be resting in your closet but are waiting for the perfect opportunity to be expressed and flaunted.

The simpler the outfit, the more adventurous your accessories can be. Breath-taking outfits are all about finding the balance. Accessories can add intricacy and curiosity to a plain casual look. There is great deal of eminent accessories available that can supplement finishing touches to any casual outfit. 


Jewellery always fits



Never leave wrists naked. Jewellery pieces such as rings, bangles, handcuffs and bracelets, combined with layered or single necklaces grant endless preference of styles to wear with our chosen casual outfit. Big earrings can be a fun way to spice up a casual or formal outfit. They call the attention to your face and add scintillate. A statement earring can always add drama to an outfit. Watches can easily complete your look of your casual outfit at any occasion.  Brooches can also add a little more refined feeling and extravagance.


Belt it



Tie a wide belt over a casual loose dress or hoodie, or add a rich, vivid colourful belt over a plain solid colour cardigan to introduce interest to the casual look as well as appreciate your curves.


Add Casual Jacket, or knitwear



Put on your casual knitwear either as an outer covering layer or under a lightweight jacket to construct your casual look. Jackets and Knitwear are among those items in your closet that may last an eternity, so investing in them is an investment. Check out our state-of-the-art collection of jackets and cardigans that can add value to your wardrobe.


Pair with a pop of colour footwear or handbag



With the ageing times wearing a perfectly matching shoes with the dress or the handbag are long-lost.  Carry a signature colour handbag with a different colour shoe to make your overall look appear novel and contemporary. However, when contrasting colours, keep articles in similar colour zones/palette (warm colours or cool colours). Bags have diversity of colours and wide selection of sizes, making the possibilities endless when you are searching for the everlasting bag to complete your casual look.


What is your go-to accessory to complete the casual look?

There are tons of combinations existing that can go with the casual outfits that we didn’t even get to mention. Hence, we want you to list your favourite accessories! Are you a Jewellery fanatic, or do you favour the basic bags and shoes stance? 


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