How to find that long-lost sweater?


Keeping wardrobes organized is eminently the hardest job. The strategy is to take advantage of the maximum available space, and appealing enough to inspire you for keeping it maintained. Give thought to where to store each fashion item and where to put them in closet to have the easiest access. Do it as it makes sense, there is no science behind it. 


Clean out by making a mess



Wipe out each and every corner of the closet, not only the clothes but bins, baskets, hangers, or anything else lying in there because you need an open, clean space. Next step is to visualize. Think up how you will be going to reorganize this time. Don’t opt for the previous strategy. A tip is to contemplate how you think when dressing up. Whether you like to plan by occasion, or sort it by outfit type or season.


Purge with Purpose



Another effective way is to purge with a purpose. We know you don’t want to castoff your favourite pieces although you don’t wear them. Yet, Shopping is our ongoing all-season flavour. That means we are constantly kicking off new outfits in the closet. So, why not to serve out some for the charity, thrift shops, or homeless refugees. This will make you feel good.


Hang Strategically



The most user-friendly path to be taken towards a cluttered wardrobe is putting up maximum clothes in a hanger without a second thought. For a simpler approach, how about you hang, tops, blouses, skirts, or any wrinkly outfit over built-in shelves. And hang long dresses on rods with nothing underneath.

Moreover, the everyday outfits should be placed in the middle of the closet, where you can easily take a look and reach them when stuck in “I am going to be late” kind of rush.


Behind the doors

The next you come home and just throw your belts, scarves, or accessories in the closet – try this way! Take a towel bar and attach it on the back of your door to create extra space in your wardrobe to display your belts, scarves, or any other fashion accessory. 


Stack thick items like denim and sweaters



Come to think of stacking as another way to fabricate more space to the hanging rod. Stack your heavy, bulky sweaters and hard to wrinkle denims in separate piles. This will not only save you more area but also makes it easy for you to grab them on the go. Since, they are stout and won’t crinkle or slurp, they make the best heaps.


Try Wicker Baskets



Put lesser-used pieces directly above or below your most popular clothes, and relegate your least-worn items to the top shelf.

When in need of getting out the most boring worn clothes out of grid? Get a basket. Perks of having them: they are cheap, durable, and adds a decorative touch. Place these baskets on the top-notch shelves, since you won’t be finding reasons to wear the items in them often.


Hang Your Purses



What better way to flex about your bag collection than hanging them frontline in the closet with the help of hooks on the hanger rods. Point to be noted, it prevents your handbag straps to be deformed.


Keeping it organized

Now you’ve come across the most effective how to get your wardrobe organize, but the real problem is having it organized throughout the push and pull of outfits. The real-time solution to this is to re-do your wardrobe every month and re-organize from the start biannually.


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