If you carry a style then you must be having fashion as your accessory. Either we go for the casual comfy look, the trendy chic, or do the formal check – we need an inspiration to play the best dress up every day. Are you ready to rearrange your wardrobe? Or rather add some new statement pieces!

Instagram, Fashion blogs, and Pinterest are platforms serving us the dose of fashion inspiration. But to watch our favourite fashion hauls, seasonal look books, try-on outfits for different occasions, OOTDs – YouTube Fashion Influencers are giving us major goals each year.



So, if you are really into Fashion or just love watching fashion youtubers as an entertainment, then you must add these fashion youtubers into your watchlist.

From our extra-long list of YouTube fashion influencers, The Best 10 Fashion Youtubers includes:


Fashion Mumblr

 This channel is run by Josie, where she posts videos related to fashion with a pinch of lifestyle and beauty mumbles. She uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The videos range from hauls, try-on outfits, latest trends, trend that are over, DIY, to some skincare and simply gardening days. 


If you love youtubers shop from different brands and do the try-on haul, then check him out. He also has love for sneakers. He uploads one video per week.


If you have small stature and it’s difficult for you to find the right size and style – what better inspiration than MissAlex. Alex herself is 4’11 and her feed is basically finding stores and brand pieces that fits her petite body structure, outfit ideas, seasonal look books, hacks and more.

Samantha Maria

Sam or Sammi (a cool mum) is the host of Samantha Maria. She is a content creator related to fashion, makeup and some Vlogs here and there. She has styling videos and hauls, GRWM, Vlogs, together with fashion travel diaries. 


Freddy My Love

This channel has a complete pink and white girly aesthetic. Freddy vibes with shabby chic, classy, and princess plus dreamy. She has unlimited collection of hauls and wardrobe essentials for you to get inspo from. Freddy My Love has scheduled videos every Monday.

Daniel Simmons

Daniel is yet another male fashion influencer with a fine taste in styling. His videos are more like try-on hauls, best picks, and his personal lifestyle updates.

Colleen G Lea – FSBTV

Colleen has a twist to her fashion YouTube channel where she does her DIY designing fashion adventures and refashioning old clothes. You might want to learn a new skill (sewing), follow her weekly sewing tutorials and revamping projects.



Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia’s channel is filled with fashion inspiration and ideas to try, along with her lifestyle videos.

Lailli Mirza

The channel Laila Mirza was previously known as PintsizedFash TV. She is all about Luxury shopping sprees followed by Luxury hauls for her viewers. Apart from being a fashion youtuber, she also posts lifestyle videos and vlogs with her twin sister.


This Fashion and Beauty channel has videos posted every Thursdays and Sundays. She posts unboxing hauls, outfit hacks, luxury bags, as well as her home improvement videos. 

Comment down below if you have subscribed to any of these fashion youtubers or let us know some of your favourite fashion influencers on YouTube. 


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